April 2019

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The headquarter of The Shiraz Travel is in Perth, Australia. We have offices in Iran. The new offices will open in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane soon.

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Yazd, Yazd Province (IRAN)

From   $6500

Yazd, Capital city of Yazd Province Yazd is the manifestation of the brightest cultural heritage. The ancient civilisation throughout history with human settlement dating back to the third millennium BCE. It is an important centre of Persian architecture. It has one of the largest networks of qanats in the world, due…

Si va Se Pol - Isfahan

Isfahan, Isfahan province (IRAN)

From   $7125

The capital of Isfahan Province Isfahan or Esfahan, is the capital city of Isfahan province. It is an ancient city located in the center of Iran.  The city is considered as a popular tourist destination and a major cultural and economic center of Iran. Iranian call it “Nesf-e-Jahan”, meaning “Half the World”.…

Baghe Eram Shiraz

Shiraz, Pars province (IRAN)

From   $3999

Shiraz and the magnificent Persepolis Shiraz , The cradle of royal civilisation of the world and of Persian History. It holds splendour and the magnificent ruins of Persepolis and Passargade (550-330 B.C). The illustrious 1000-year-old city of Shiraz is a cultural centre and home to the famous mystic poets Saadi…

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Masooleh, Gilan Province (IRAN)

Built right into the slope of an Iranian mountain, the small town of Masooleh has a unique, purpose-built architectural style where the front yard of each of the houses on the incline is actually the roof of the house below it, with roof-lawns trickling down to the base of the…