March 2019

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The headquarter of The Shiraz Travel is in Perth, Australia. We have offices in Iran. The new offices will open in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane soon.

Capital of the Persian Tour

  • Day 01
    Day 01    Tehran

    Arrive in TEHRAN. Morning to rest in the hotel. Afternoon visit to the Archaeological section of the National Museum, and the Glass and Ceramics Museum

  • Day 02
    Day 02    Tehran

    Carpet Museum, Golestan Palace(WHS), The Crown Jewels Museums

  • Day 03
    Day 03    Hamadan

    Ecbatana, Alaviyan Tomb Tower, Tomb of Esther and Mordecai, Tomb of Avicenna, Ganjnameh

  • Day 04
    Day 04    Kermanshah

    stop en route at KANGAVAR to see the Temple of Anahita, drive on to Bisotun(WHS), Tagh-e Bostan

  • Day 05
    Day 05    Ahwaz

    FalkolAflak Castle in KHORAM ABAD and the 3rd century Sassanian bridgein POL DOKHTAR

  • Day 06
    Day 06    Khouzestan

    Haft Tepe, city of Susa, Ziggurat of ChoqaZanbi(WHS), and Shushtar

  • Day 07
    Day 07    Shiraz

    Kurangoon, Sarab-eBahram, picnic lunch, Bishapur and Tang-eChogan

  • Day 08
    Day 08   

    Nasirol-Mulk Mosque, Citadel of Karim Khan Zand, Pars Museum, Vakil Bazaar, VakilMosque, Naranjestan Museum, Eram Gardens (WHS), Ali-EbinHamze, tombs of Sa’di and Hafez

Capitals of the Persian Tour explores five ancient capitals of Ecbatana, Susa, Persepolis, Pasargadae and Isfahan while uncovering some of the fascinating highlights of this country including six of the outstanding UNESCO Tangible World Heritage Sites of Iran: the 5th century BC rock relief at Bisotun; the world’s best preserved and architecturally unique ziggurat of the 13th century BC religious complex of TochoqaZanbil ; the 5th century BC palatial complex of Persepolis; the 6th century BC capital of Pasargadae from where Cyrus the Great ruled an empire that touched the boundaries of the known world; Naqsh-iJahan Square in Isfahan, representing the climax of Islamic architecture of the 17th- century Persia and Eram Garden, as the epitome of Persian Gardens.

Trip Highlights

  • Mid-day refreshment
  • All Breakfast and one dinner
  • 5 or 4 star hotels based on availability
  • Air conditioned bus or Minibus
  • English speaking tour guide
  • All entrance fees named in the Iteniry
Minimum Tourist
  • 5 Persons

ITINERARY & Time Schedule

  • Days Place Duration:
  • Day 01 Tehran 8 hours
  • Day 02 Tehran 10 hours
  • Day 03 Hamadan 10 hours
  • Day 04 Kermanshah 8 hours
  • Day 05 Ahwaz 10 hours
  • Day 06 Khouzestan 10 hours
  • Day 07 Shiraz 10 hours
  • Day 08 10 hours
  • Day 09 Shiraz 10 hours
  • Day 10 10 hours
  • Day 11 Isfahan 10 hours
  • Day 12 Abyaneh-Kashan 10 hours