March 2019

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Shiraz to Tehran journey Tour

  • Day 01
    Day 01    Shiraz

    Arrive in Shiraz by TK at 02:30 - Transfer to hotel and take a little rest (Hotel is already booked from last night) - Start the city tour of SHIRAZ at 10:00 to visit the main highlights of the city including - NASIR AL MOLK mosque (pink mosque) - Citadel of KARIMKHAN ZAND - VAKIL complex (bath, mosque, bazaar) - NARENJESTAN QAVAM - ERAM garden - Mausoleum of HAFIZ - Overnight: SHIRAZ

  • Day 02
    Day 02    Shiraz

    Morning excursion to PERSEPOLIS, NAGHSH-I-ROSTAM, and NAGHSH-I-RAJAB - Afternoon city tour of SHIRAZ including - Mausoleum of HAFIZ - Mausoleum of SADI - QURAN gate - Overnight: SHIRAZ

  • Day 03
    Day 03    Travel from Shiraz to Yazd

    Morning drive to YAZD - A short stop in ABARKOOH to visit its ancient cedar tree - Stop in PASARGADAE to visit the tomb of Cyrus the great - Continue driving to YAZD - Overnight: YAZD

  • Day 04
    Day 04    Yazd

    Full day city tour of YAZD including - DAKHME (towers of silence) - Zoroastrian fire temple - Yazd Jami mosque remained from Ilkhanid dynasty with its amazing ceramics - FAHADAN neighborhood (the old city) - AMIR CHAKHMAQ square - Water supply - Overnight: YAZD

  • Day 05
    Day 05    Yazd-Isfahan

    Early morning drive to ISFAHAN - A visit to MEYBOD city through the way including, CAREVANSARAI, Pigeon’s tower, Ice storage - Continue driving to ISFAHAN - Stop in NAEIN city to visit NAEIN Jami mosque and ethnography museum - Overnight: ISFAHAN

  • Day 06
    Day 06    Isfahan

    Full day city tour of ISFAHAN including - NAGHSH-I-JAHAN complex (ABBASI mosque, SHEYKH LOTF ALLAH mosque, ALI QAPOU palace, QEYSARIYE bazaar) - CHEHL SOTUN palace - VANK cathedral and Armenian corner - HASHT BEHESHT palace - Overnight: ISFAHAN

  • Day 07
    Day 07    Isfahan-Tehran

    Early morning drive to TEHRAN - Visit KASHAN city through the way including - BOROUJERDI old house - SIALK hill - FIN garden - Continue driving to TEHRAN - Overnight: TEHRAN

  • Day 08
    Day 08    Tehran

    Full day city tour of TEHRAN including - GOLESTAN palace - The archeological section of the national museum - Crown – Jewels museum (only opens from SAT to TUE) - Carpet museum - Milad tower - Overnight: TEHRAN

Bustling bazaars and ancient sights, parched deserts and snowcapped mountains, awesome architecture and great hospitality, are what you can experience in a ten-day package, Shiraz to Tehran journey Tour.

Iran is a fascinating mix of modern and ancient, of East and West, of the exotic and the mundane. While the rich and ancient Persian culture will ensure you are treated well, it also provides a stunning architectural and archaeological backdrop. The wonders of Sialk Hills, Esfahan and Yazd are the big-ticket items, but wandering through labyrinthine bazaars, shopping for carpets and just sitting, sipping tea and chatting with ordinary Iranians are just as memorable.
According to what Lonely Planet propounds, Iran’s most obvious art form is architecture, and it is often regarded as the field in which Persia made its greatest contribution to world culture. Iranian architecture has influenced building throughout much of the Islamic world, especially in Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Most of the greatest buildings were built for a religious purpose and marvelling at mosques such as the Imam Mosque (formerly Shah Mosque) in Esfahan will be among the highlights of your trip.

Trip Highlights

  • Breakfast and Mid day Refreshment
  • Accommodations in hotels named above
  • All transportations
  • All entrance fees for visiting places named on the itinerary
  • Mid-day refreshment
  • English speaking tour guide
  • All Transportation with air conditioned bus or minibus, Airport pick up

ITINERARY & Time Schedule

  • Days Place Duration:
  • Day 01 Shiraz 10 hours
  • Day 02 Shiraz 10 hours
  • Day 03 Travel from Shiraz to Yazd 10 hours
  • Day 04 Yazd 10 hours
  • Day 05 Yazd-Isfahan 10 hours
  • Day 06 Isfahan
  • Day 07 Isfahan-Tehran 10 hours
  • Day 08 Tehran 10 hours
  • Day 09 Tehran 10 hours
  • Day 10 Tehran 8 hours